Our Story

We, at Uncharted, host a wide assortment of materials that are transformed by our skilled artisans into bespoke products of unparalleled quality for hospitality, marine, and residential projects. With our production facilities spread across the globe, we create remarkable furniture, lights, accessories and surfaces while simultaneously giving our customers the freedom to choose from a broad spectrum of materials and manufacturing techniques that offer a range of finishes for their unique demands. Our work revolves around the idea of shared inspirations with designers, as we partner to create unique custom-made interiors. By working closely with renowned designers, the owners and the operational teams, we strive to deliver solutions that are hand-picked for every project’s individual requirements. With a diverse collection of materials at our disposal, heritage craftsmanship and varied manufacturing techniques, we are always able to attain an equilibrium of design, durability and functionality.

Access to Individuality



The soul of Uncharted can only be perfectly defined by the Japanese Philosophy of Omotenashi - a service from the heart without expecting anything in return. There is an invisible thought and care that goes behind our work. We anticipate the needs of our designers and open up to them a door of endless design approaches to work upon. We believe that creativity occurs spontaneously when two parties come together and it is based upon this notion that we don't keep warehouses. The designs we create are a result of utmost attention to detail which always leaves the designers and owners with an unforgettable experience.