Welcome to the world of individuality that embraces creation of nature and paves the way for creative emotional experiences. At Uncharted, we are navigators and trailblazers who believe creativity is a spontaneous journey and approach all our projects with no predetermined notion of a destination.


Antiques of the future


Every design tells a story- of people and their inspirations/emotions; of craftsmen and their touch; of materials and their history. With the products we curate at Uncharted, we wish to narrate experiences that supersede the boundaries of time.



Hospitality | Marine | Residential

Kempinski Munich – FG Stijl – Munich, Germany

Dior Store Landmark – Peter Marino - Seoul

Fendi Store Madison Avenue – Peter Marino - New York, USA

Park Hyatt Vienna – FG Stijl – Vienna, Austria

Mandarin Oriental Munich – FG Stijl – Munich, Germany